INTRODUCING THE next iteration of the legal self assessment tool


The Project

Law for Non Profits, a project of The Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society (PLEO), with Made in BC – Dance on Tour (MiBC) has received funding to create a digital platform that will bring the LSAT into the 21st century by developing a digital platform that will answer questions in real time as well as documents, policies and templates.

Funded by Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy Fund.

About MiBC

Founded in 2006, Made in BC - Dance on Tour (MiBC) occupies a unique niche in the dance and performance milieu of the province. Their work lies at the intersection of artists and presenting organizations through their facilitation of inter-connections and information between their work and BC communities.

In particular, Made in BC supports artists to create stronger connections with the province and also helps its network of presenters with subsidized fees and networking opportunities to better support artists to present new, contemporary works in their communities.


what will the lsat 2.0 do?

Is your non profit arts or cultural organization in compliance with the law? Are you equipped to deal with an issue if it turns out that you are not? Most of the almost 7,000 arts non profits in British Columbia are volunteer run and frequently under resourced. A sudden legal crisis, or even a seemingly minor misstep in compliance, can put your organization’s very existence in jeopardy, and compromise the vital services that you provide to your community. 

We can help…

Law for Non Profits (LFNP) announces its Legal Self Assessment Tool (LSAT) 2.0 project. The current LSAT 1.0  enables any BC society to evaluate its legal strengths and vulnerabilities and learn about the resources currently available to help a society address any gaps in its legal compliance.

The LSAT covers several key areas of legal compliance: governance, privacy and confidentiality, employment, human rights, Societies Act and CRA compliance and contracts and leasing. 

Completing the tool can help you assess your society’s baseline legal compliance and identify areas where you may be at risk and the steps you may need to mitigate that risk.

As part of the LSAT 2.0 initiative, LFNP and MiBC are conducting focus groups around the province that will contribute to the development of a real time online legal self assessment tool designed specifically to respond to the non profit arts sector’s needs. 

This online tool will be adaptable in the future to serve and strengthen the capacity of non profits in all sectors throughout the province.

how you can contribute

The Legal Self Assessment Tool (LSAT) in its current form is available at

We have a 10-minute online survey at that page for you to give your feedback on the current tool. We will be collecting feedback through summer and autumn 2019 to inform the design and build out of the LSAT 2.0 and to support our planning for future, related services to the non profit sector.

This could include a virtual legal clinic and real time legal support for societies to help them build internal capacity that will prevent and mitigate potential legal issues and strengthen their ongoing operations and governance.

Non profit societies and the services they provide touch all of our lives. The more we can empower the sector and provide appropriate, proactive legal support, the more efficiently and effectively non profits can deliver on their missions.

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