Legal Self-Assessment Tool

Law For Non Profits' legal self-assessment tool's aim is to help identify legal flashpoints early and therefore reduce risks associated with any issues that may be present in five areas of law: governance, privacy, leasing/contracts, employment, human rights and CRA compliance. Once the user has answered the questions they will be provided with a key.  Users will be better able to identify any gaps in legal compliance and identify resources to assist them to rectify issues that get flagged in the process. The tool development and initial pilot was being funded by the City of Vancouver and the Vancity Community Foundation Social Innovation Fund. The project is in the second phase in the development of an integrated strategy to improve the access of non profits to legal information, education and advice. Read more about LSAT 2.0 here.

How was your experience?

We are currently soliciting feedback on your experience using the LSAT survey, from the user interface to the type of legal subjects and issues covered. Please take our feedback survey to answer some questions about your experience. Estimated time to complete is 10 minutes.

All feedback is being compiled and analyzed as part of the initial design and development of a real time online legal self assessment tool designed specifically to respond to the non profit arts sector’s needs. This online tool will be adaptable in the future to serve and strengthen the capacity of non profits in all sectors throughout the province.