Law For Nonprofits is an initiative of the Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society (PLEO), which also operates the Artists' Legal Outreach program.

Law For Nonprofits was founded to enable British Columbia's nonprofit sector to access better legal information, education and advice. Law For Nonprofits is currently providing support to BC nonprofits to make the transition to the new Societies Act.  


Martha Rans
Martha is the Project Lead of the Law for Non Profits and the Legal Director of the Pacific Legal Outreach Society. She has been a lawyer for over 20 years. Her Vancouver-based law practice specializes in the legal needs of non-profits, charities and digital creatives. She advises on charity law, incorporation, governance, privacy, employment, labour, health & safety and human rights. She spent 10 years as labour employment and human rights lawyer/mediator with the BC and Ontario governments. A recognized expert on the BC Societies Act, she has co-chaired the provincial Continuing Legal Education of BC Charities and Non Profit Law since 2014. (martharans.ca).


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