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There are more than 27,000 non-profit societies in British Columbia. All of these organizations must “transition” to BC's new Societies Act within the two years following its proclamation - by November 2018.


To remain in compliance with the Societies Act all pre-existing societies must file a Transition Application by November 28, 2018 as per Section 240 (1) of the Societies Act Legislation. If a society fails to complete the Transition Application by November 28, 2018 the Registrar may issue a Notice of Commencement of Dissolution as per Section 214 (1)(b) of the Act.

Registries are not contemplating applying the dissolution proceedings if a society fails to meet the Transition Application deadline of November 28, 2018. However, we are encouraging societies to complete the transition application as soon as possible to remain in good standing.

Please note, that if a society is in fact, issued a Notice of Commencement of Dissolution for failure to file the Transition Application, the society can request a delay of dissolution at that time for a period of time of up to 6 months through our Societies Online Application. The Transition Application must be filed prior to the delay of dissolution expiry date.


Pacific Legal Education and Outreach (PLEO) is grateful for all the support from funders and community partners to create Societies Act Transition Hubs to support smaller and rural non-profit societies. These Hubs are now closed. If you have any questions please contact administrator@lawfornonprofits.ca or law.students@lawfornonprofits.ca


Keep informed on new information about the new Societies Act, and new tools and workshops as they become available.