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The current LSAT 1.0 enables any BC society to evaluate its legal strengths and vulnerabilities and learn about the resources currently available to help a society address gaps in its legal compliance.

The LSAT covers several key areas of legal compliance: governance, privacy and confidentiality, employment, human rights, Societies Act and CRA compliance and contracts and leasing. 

The LSAT in its current form is available at lawfornonprofits.ca/lsat . We have a 10-minute online survey at that page for you to give your feedback on the current tool. We will be collecting feedback through summer and autumn 2019 to inform the design and build out of the LSAT 2.0 and to support our planning for enhanced services to the non profit sector.


There are more than 27,000 non profit societies in British Columbia. All of these organizations should have “transitioned” to BC's new Societies Act by November 2018. If you have not yet transitioned or have questions, please refer to our resources.

To remain in compliance with the Societies Act all pre-existing societies should have filed a Transition Application by November 28, 2018. If a society failed to complete the transition by November 28, 2018 the Registrar may issue a Notice of Commencement of Dissolution, per section 214 (1)(b) of the Act.

Please note, if a society is issued a Notice of Commencement of Dissolution for failure to file a Transition Application, the society can request a delay of dissolution at that time for a period of time of up to 6 months through a Societies Online Application. A Transition Application must be filed prior to the delay of dissolution expiry date.

Civil resolution tribunal

As of summer 2019 member disputes under the BC Societies Act are being directed to the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT).

We have some developed some FAQ for societies with respect to disputes and the CRT, as well as some guidance on procedural fairness for societies. See these resources HERE.

Please also check under Workshops as we host more sessions and develop further educational resources for non profits on how to navigate the CRT.

If you have a question or would like to schedule a workshop, please reach out to us at administrator@lawfornonprofits.ca .


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